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Rafiki Coffee Limited is the mill that produces this peaberry-sorted lot from multiple smallholder farms in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. The common varieties found in this area are Bourbon and Kent, and the average farm size is 1 hectare. Coffees are depulped and fermented for about 48 hours dry before being washed clean of mucilage. Then they are dried on mats or raised drying tables for about 10 days, on average.

Tanzania Pea Berry - Fully Washed

  • Country: Tanzania

    Region: Rombo, Kilimanjaro

    Farm: Various smallholder farmers

    Variety: Bourbon, Kent

    Altitude: 1200–1750 masl

    Proc. Method: Washed

    Harvest Schedule: July–October

  • Tangy acidity and a smooth mouthfeel with cedar, cocoa and grapefruit flavors.